Happiness in others

I say, my friend, do not live to die. Also, it is imperative you do not live to exist. Do not drudge through your days. It may seem unusual, but it is easiest to find happiness when one lives for others. Although our hearts have become slowly callous from cruel events, and bitter souls, human … Continue reading Happiness in others


True Suffering

"In life, there are unfathomable amounts of wonderfully great things, and equal amounts of terribly bad things; At times it may seem difficult to distinguish between them. In this is the root of suffering." -Shinyparagraphs, Greyeville

Where They Belong

By Winston. S. In the dirt we decay, but some, yet alive, decay long before.    Mister Sable was no kinder to the poor than he was to a horsefly. His usual quarters interrupted for addition, he cursed the untimely builders for their delay. Mr. Sable then resolved himself to stay another night in lodge. Being … Continue reading Where They Belong