Those inclined (Update)

Salut, that is to say, Hello. S.P. would like to review some things for those of you in wonder. Even though Shinyparagraphs posts mainly works created by our own writers, we would love to receive your stories and poetry; In fact, we will publish them for you and ensure you are rightfully claimed as the author of your work-if that be your desire- and that you are given full credit. We accept all stories; However, postings are decided upon in a sort of referendum among our writers and editors. Thank you for those of you interested, and if you desire, please visit our page for works of many sorts.
p.s. if you enjoy, secrets, hints, hidden references, or Easter eggs, please pay attention to our writings. We will have contests and prizes for those of you inclined to discover. Also, in poetry, we shall, ON OCCASION, deliver hints about future writings and events.
For now, farewell.


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